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PROtroniC TargetLINE
Prototyping and series control unit in one

2 in 1 concept unites prototyping and series control unit based on reusable function blocks

The PROtroniC TargetLINE by Schaeffler Engineering puts an end to the difference between development and production control units. The 2-in-1 control unit combines the best of both worlds: a series ECU with the flexibility of a prototyping control unit. Or, in other words, a prototyping platform that can be used directly in the series production and can be adapted quickly and cost-effectively if required.

One concept, numerous application opportunities

The standard and series production variants of the PROtroniC TargetLINE are based on reusable, tested function blocks:

  • qualified housing and connectors from large-scale production,
  • validated and qualified hardware function blocks,
  • software modules with a high degree of maturity already tested in the field.

In addition, it is possible to completely reuse the application software for the new, cost-optimized series variant – without a break in the tool chain.

PROtroniC TargetLINE from Schaeffler Engineering
PROtroniC TargetLINE from Schaeffler Engineering
2 in 1 concept of the PROtroniC TargetLINE

Product Brochure and Technical Brochure

PROtroniC TargetLINE as VCU in fuel cell or battery electric vehicle

The PROtroniC TargetLINE is designed as a generic Vehicle Control Unit. This means it can be used as a vehicle, hybrid or powertrain master ECU. In practice, it can be used in a fuel cell or battery electric vehicle, for example.

PROtroniC TargetLINE for fuel cell applications

As a central “Vehicle Control Unit’’ (VCU) in a fuel cell vehicle, the PROtroniC TargetLINEcan be used for the following typical functions, for example:

  • Determining system parameters (pressures, temperatures, ...)
  • Controlling components of the fuel cell system (compressors, valves)
  • Controlling servomotors, pumps and fans
  • Monitoring the tank
  • Controlling and/or switching e-axis

PROtroniC TargetLINE for battery-powered vehicles

In such a vehicle, the PROtroniC TargetLINE cann take over the task of the central „Vehicle Control Unit“ (VCU) and can perform a wide variety of functions with its extensive I/Os:

  • Communication with vehicle components (BMS, DC/DC converter, ...)
  • Determining system parameters (pressures, temperatures, ...)
  • Controlling servomotors, pumps and fans
  • Controlling and/or switching e-axis
  • Controlling thermal management
  • Controlling visualization modules (displays, instrument cluster, ...)

The PROtroniC TargetLINE at a glance

Features of the PROtroniC TargetLINE at a glance

PROtroniC TargetLINE
Generic Vehicle Control Unit designed as vehicle, hybrid or powertrain master ECU
Robust, compact and and fully automotive proven (LV124 @12V and ISO16750 @24V)
Functional Safety
Designed for ISO 2626 ASIL-D functional safety requirements
Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, CAN FD and LIN
Extensive analogue and digital I/Os
Power Output Stages
Numerous software configurable power output stages available
Adaptations using FPGA technology
Housing and Connector
Use of qualified components for the automotive industry

Customizing options of the PROtroniC TargetLINE

Customizing option #1: Partial equipment

Because components are not equipped with unused functions, the PROtroniC TargetLINE can be used to optimize costs accordingly in early phases with medium quantities.

The remaining functions are retained and the user can continue to use his/her function soft-ware without any adjustments.

Hardware reuse for series productions ECUs based on the PROtroniC TargetLINE standard variant

Customizing option #2: Adjusting functions

By adding new, application-specific functions to the PROtroniC TargetLINE function blocks, an individual ECU can be derived – optimized in terms of time and cost.

This new control unit can be delivered turnkey ready with individual customer data and documentation directly into the application.

Product Brochure and Technical Brochure

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