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How to provide a perfect vehicle sound?
By hearing what it takes.

NVH & Simulation

True driving enjoyment only arises when an automobile sounds exactly how it should sound. The NVH experts at Schaeffler Engineering take great care to ensure that only sounds which make up a pleasant sound profile remain.

Service to a point

Whether an engine boom or rolling noise, whether transmission or electric engine noise: hardly anything impacts driving comfort more than imbalanced acoustics. For over 20 years, Schaeffler Engineering has been a specialist in sound and vibration problems and undertakes the final acoustic touches of an automobile. With innovative methods of analysis, we tackle every undesired noise in detail on our modern test benches and generate creative, effective solutions.

With regards to vehicle acoustics, count on a highly qualified and motivated team that offers you more:

  • systematic testing methodology
  • modern measurement and analysis technology
  • flexible and mature test facilities
  • a versatile mechanical workshop
  • problem-oriented simulations
  • production-oriented solution suggestions

Work in unison

Where things move, noises often result. We record and analyze the acoustics for a great variety of automotive disciplines, on modern test benches that can be adapted to nearly every job.

4WD Chassis Dyno

Our self-developed 4WD chassis dyno, modernized in 2015, enables us to perform manifold NVH investigations on complete vehicles regardless of the weather. The larger of the two roller sets can be equipped for ride comfort investigations with single obstacles or a rough surface. The air-conditioned silent wind fan, along with the high roller inertia and the gear adjustable electric drive provide stable test conditions during drivetrain analyses.

  • Roller diameter 3.18 m and 1.59 m
  • Cut-off frequency 90 Hz Electric drive/braking power 75 kW (at 20 – 200 km/h)
  • Equivalent vehicle mass 3 t + 1,5 t
  • Silent wind fan with air conditioning
  • Rough surface and single obstacles
  • Fully accessible pit

Engine and transmission test bench

Our 2-chamber acoustics test bench for engines and transmissions enables us to conduct intensive analysis of drive components. The system is laid out in such a way that the most varied test configurations are possible and can be realized by our own mechanical work-shop.

  • Braking power up to 215 kW
  • Drive power up to 180 kW
  • Cut-off frequency 150 Hz

Measuring equipment

Whether accelerations, velocities, or displacements, whether forces or strains, whether sound pressure or intensity: modern measurement equipment enables us to supplement the ear of the engineer in various ways. Along with a multitude of various sensors, state-of-the-art-systems are available to us for this purpose.

5 Multichannel Systems

(LMS, Müller BBM)


Analysis Systems

  • Müller BBM PAK
  • LMS TestLab, Miras
  • Head Artemis
  • ME-Scope, OpeRa, MATLAB®

Sound Intensity System



To solve the challenging acoustic and vibration problems, we rely on modern dependable methods of analysis. Along with the complex signal analysis and operational deflection analysis (ODA) ranging from simple acceleration measurements up to 3-D laser vibrometry, our typical services also include transfer path analysis (TPA), incorporating direct as well as indirect procedures of force measurement.

If the project calls for it, we complement these investigations through established methods such as decoupling analysis, window methods, or through principle tests prepared in our own workshop. Maximum benefit for our customers is of course always in our mind. Therefore, we also develop completely new task-specific investigation methods with you.

Last, but not least: For problem analyses and parameter studies we employ multi-body and FE simulation models, which we validate using modal analysis and ODA.


In more than 20 years of dedicated work in the field of NVH, we have gained experience in a great variety of disciplines and with a large variety of components. And we are constantly expanding our knowledge in order to be able to deliver the best possible results to our customers.


  • Ride comfort
  • Shake, shudder
  • Body vibrations
  • Sound package


  • Boom by torsional vibration
  • Clonk, grabbing
  • Side shaft growl


  • Timing drive / valve train
  • Oil pump / vacuum pump / A/C- compressor
  • Covers and brackets


  • Gear whine, rattle
  • Chain noise
  • Shift clicking
  • Pump noise


  • Rolling noise
  • Axle bouncing
  • Rumbling

Electromechanical systems

  • Electric motors
  • Power steering
  • Anti-rolling systems
  • Electric powertrains
  • Small drives

Beyond this, we of course support our customers in the development and construction of test benches, for laboratory as well as for end-of-line.

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