How does an engine become even more reliable?
When it is tested thoroughly.

Validation Services

Endurance tests

A modern engine comprises of diverse components. We test their interplay on our engine and engine component test benches for over hundreds of hours to detect flaws and to minimize wear.

The concept

What we have is patience.

The Concept

Not all factors affect an engine can be simulated virtually. This includes, e.g., signs of wear, even though the durability of individual materials is, of course, predictable. On our modern engine and engine component test benches, we test powertrains and their components over several hundred hours in an endurance test and "drive" them up to 100,000 km and more before they are run on a road.

Moreover, we develop in cooperation with our clients so-called “concentrated-tests” in order to reduce testing periods.

That way, we can precisely measure and analyze the wear of individual components in order to be able to revise, if necessary, their quality and design – and so to make the engine even more durable.

Types of Investigation
The Investigations

Put through its paces

Timing chain

We investigate the timing chain and control drive components on our high-load wear and low-load wear test benches using resonance pulsers and hydro pulsers on rotational fatigue test benches.

We offer

  • Investigations of wear behavior
  • Measurement of endurance
  • Development of testing procedures
  • Series-accompanying quality assurance investigations
  • Benchmark investigations
  • Design support and development of timing chains

Cam Phaser

During the endurance tests carried out on both component and complete engine test benches, we test the wear and functional behavior of cam phasers over the entire lifespan of an engine. That way we enable long term functional integrity and the validation of prototypes during the development process.

Oil pumps and oil supply

We are testing by means of conventional and variable oil pumps as well as hydraulic components being part of the oil circuit, such as non-return valves or piston injection nozzles in continuous operations. Here, we analyze wear and functional behavior and thus ensure that the oil circuit works the entire lifespan of an engine.

Whether valve train or control drive, injection behavior or fluid circuit: Our 14 engine test benches and the almost 40 test cells with over 100 component test benches can be set up for a wide range of test situations and test specimens.

No matter whether they are tested by means of a dragged or running engine

Thermal Management

On our component test benches we test the wear and functional behavior of the entire cooling circuit components in order to ensure their proper function and to validate prototypes. These include conventional and variable water pumps as well as thermomanagement modules.

Valve train

On both, our component and complete engine test benches, we test valve trains in continuous operation, no matter whether conventional or fully variable. The aim of this is to ensure proper functioning during the entire lifespan of an engine and to validate prototypes during the development process.

Of course, we also analyze the wear mechanisms and their causes – both following and during the testing procedure.

High pressure injection pumps

In order to guarantee a proper functioning of the fuel injection system during the entire lifespan of an engine, we test its performance on both our component and complete engine test benches under long term operation. Our services:

  • testing of high pressure injection pumps
  • measurements on the associated components (e.g. roller tappets)
  • follow-up or accompanying wear analysis and investigation of cause
Failure and Return Analysis

We investigate the causes

Of course, we investigate not only the wear and strength behavior of new components. We also analyze components and systems in which problems have occurred in actual use, mostly in the form of returns. In addition, we also investigate complete systems in which damage has occurred during development tests, and thus support OEMs in their research.

In our laboratories and on our test benches we undertake

  • system analysis
  • measurements of components
  • investigations of materials
Micro-inspection room and materials laboratory

Nothing escapes us

In addition to classic failure analysis and in-process inspection during tests, we measure and analyze components and engine parts in our 2D and 3D micro-inspection measurement room and in our materials laboratory.

We ensure that everything runs smoothly in the long run. Schaeffler Engineering.

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