Why does quality for us make a difference in the small matters as well?
Because we also place great demands on our low-volume production ECUs!


Production-ready performance

One does not require large quantities to be able to achieve something great: Schaeffler Engineering also develops powerful and high-quality control units for vehicles produced in low volumes.

The concept

Performance can be controlled

Special automobiles are very rarely mass-produced. And anyhow, they require just as special of a system in order to optimally develop their performance and offer high safety with unique driving comfort and particularly high durability.

For Schaeffler Engineering, the perfect interplay of hardware and software is not a question of quantity, because we have adapted methods and tools from large series production to the individual control unit development and linked it with our decades of experience.

Thus solutions emerge that also deliver unparalleled results – and set new standards.

Task fields


Special Vehicles

Unique alternatives
Clean and environmentally-friendly solutions for every application: our control units for commercial vehicles that are powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) provide optimal performance, high efficiency, and maximum operational safety.

Our services:

  • New development or redesign of CNG engine control units
  • A control unit for various models and engines
  • Continuous further development and optimization according to new standards
  • Solutions first-hand from conception to vehicle operation


Picture: Daimler AG

Premium Vehicles

Powerful luxury
Linear power development, unique dynamic, and a relaxing driving experience: with our low-volume control unit production for exclusive premium vehicles, we contribute to luxury becoming tangible – powerful yet cultivated.

Our services

  • New development or redesign of transmission control units (TCU)
  • Complete support from development to series maturity
  • Adjustment to new vehicle series and special models
  • Series production and long-time storage of systems and components

Optimized Sports Cars

Absolute maximum performance
Excellent handling, fast response behavior, irrepressible force: with our control units, we transform sports cars into exclusive racing cars that perfectly transfer the performance of their power trains to the road.

Our services

  • Redesign and development of engine control units
  • Individual performance optimization
  • Further development in accordance with the highest standards
  • Complete solutions from conception to application

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Experience the future
New drive technologies, such as hybrid solutions and electric engines, require control units that perform specially. With our low-volume control units, we offer innovative solutions that shape the future.

Our services (examples):

  • New development and revision of engine control units
  • Development of innovative and reliable converters
  • Systems solutions for a great variety of performance classes
  • Continuous optimization in accordance with the newest developments and standards

Functional Safety Management

Progressions in safety

As far as we're concerned, a control unit must not only achieve optimal connection between all vehicle components, it must also offer the highest degree of safety. Therefore our control units also take on tasks from the functional safety management area according to ISO 26262, thus ensuring that you can rely on the vehicle even in exceptional situations.

With respect to functional safety, we do not differentiate between small or large quantities: our control units fulfill the highest standards for safety-related systems and functions, such as SIL 3 and A SIL D levels, and follow a system architecture that we have repeatedly revised and improved - and optimized, on top of that.

This ensures that security is emphasized even for low-volume productions.

First Tier

Performance without detours

As a complete supplier, we are the perfect partner for OEMs from the automotive sector and deliver innovative solutions without taking detours.

In doing so, all processes – from systems analysis to hardware and software development to logistics – are continuously optimized and independently fulfill all customary quality management standards.

As one of the few companies in Europe to do so, Schaeffler Engineering works according to CMMI Level 3 requirements and on SPICE level not only for software, but on system levels as well. In this way, OEMs can rely on the developed products and systems.


Offering more

Service down the line

We offer you not only the highest quality low-volume control units, we also offer you excellent service: Schaeffler Engineering supports you from application of the first prototype to implementation in the series.

If desired, our partners from the automotive and commercial vehicle sector receive additional services, such as

  • provision in case of component discontinuation
  • stocking of components
  • support during release planning

When it comes to control units, go with an experienced partner on whom
you can rely: Schaeffler Engineering.


Further information

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