Who will take over your control systems in the near future?
Customized hardware, adapted to your requirements.

Engineering Services

Hardware Development

Development of a powerful yet efficient vehicle needs the perfect hardware. Schaeffler Engineering is the right partner for the development of innovative solutions –beginning with just an idea right until a complex control unit.

The Concept

Smart solutions, intelligently implemented

The electronics development can comprise of analog, digital, and program-controlled circuits along with analog or digital signal processing.
The newly emerging systems are realized using modern and most importantly, effective Microcontrollers.

This is how we create the foundation for individual mobility in the future: with hardware solutions for the control systems of various vehicle parts, from the complex engine system to the control of individual vehicle components.
Thanks to our years of experience and the high quality standards by which Schaeffler Engineering operates, customers receive state-of-the-art products that meet the highest requirements and work efficiently and reliably.
Of course, our hardware specialists are always in close contact with the software developers, to enable even more target-oriented work right from the start.

Electronics development

From small to gigantic.

We ensure that individual components function perfectly – individually and in the system as a whole. With intelligent electronics that work quickly, securely and reliably.

We also offer comprehensive solutions, from the concept to the product ready for series production, and we support our customers during the final production of the relevant electronics components.

Our goal

Mass production

In electronics development, we have one focus right from the start: the subsequent implementation.

Since, of what use is a smart concept if it can't be implemented in production?

Our developers work close to production and combine innovation, the newest technology, and international standards with feasibility.

As a specialist in electronics development with decades of experience, we take on a great variety of assignments.

Circuit development

  • analog and digital circuits
  • power electronics
  • wireless data communication
  • programmable logic
  • involvement of microcontrollers and digital signal processors

EMC-optimized development and consultation

  • EMC analysis and measurements in our own laboratory
  • interference suppression of assemblies and devices up to systems
  • development of efficient shield concepts
  • simulation-supported EMC optimization
  • consultation for optimization of circuit parts and components
  • electromangetic interference suppression of vehicles

Simulation-supported design

  • circuit simulation
  • thermal simulation and dissipation
  • evaluation of signal integrity
  • field simulation and EMC simulation

Production: Technology and development

  • production-oriented planning and development
  • assurance of reproducibility
  • support during sample and series production

Layout: Development and construction

  • components placement
  • impedance-controlled rooting
  • thermal dissipation of power components
  • layout service
  • support of the mechanical construction
  • implementation of technologies such as MicroVia, StarFlex, etc.

Support of series production

  • on-site production support
  • end of line programming
  • product return analysis and assessment

FPGA design

  • implementation of linear algorithms,
    e.g. in the form of PID controllers and FIR or IIR filters using VHDL or Verilog
  • integration of soft IP cores (processors, digital filters, CAN, etc.)
  • integration of models using MATLAB®, Simulink®, TargetLink®

Best performance on the cutting edge

We work in accordance with the highest technology and quality standards, with an experienced team and the latest tools.


  • Circuit design/layout
  •    DX-Designer
  •    PADS PowerPCB
  •    FlowCAD Cadence SPB/ OrCAD
  •    Eagle
  •    HyperLynx
  •    PSpice circuit simulator
  • EMC tests
  •    HF generator and amplifier
  •    burst generator
  •    div. test receiver
  •    spectrum analyzer
  •    ESD generator
  • Signal-Analyzer
  •    digital storage oscilloscopes
  •    logic analyzer
  • Performance power supply including load
  • SystemOnChip development (SoC)
  • ISE Design Suite
  • ModelSIM Xilinx Edition


  • Generic standards EMC
  • EMC directives
  • ECE directives
  • ECE R10
  • ECE R100 (E-Mobility)
  • CE lable
  • e/E lable
  • RTTE directive
  • OEM company standards


  • Bus systems
  • CAN
  • LIN
  • FlexRay
  • Automotive Ethernet (Broad-R Reach Ethernet)
  • FibreOptic
  • PCI express
  • LVDS
  • SATA
  • USB
  • Digital signal processing
  • Analog signal processing
  • SystemOnChip development (SoC)
  • FPGA
  • CPLD
  • Development in VHDL
  • Power electronics
  • Output stages 
  • Control of BLDC motors
  • Converter / inverter
  • Cable assembly
  • Creation prototypical wiring harnesses
  • Connectors

From vehicle components to electronics assembly – Schaeffler Engineering offers hardware solutions that get you on the road.

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